Queen Vicki's 189th Birthday
is coming up - come help us celebrate
A very irregular bus (non) rally located in Nipawin, Sask, Canada
The rally site
Things to do in and around Nipawin
Vicki's birthday rally

May 23-26, 2008
On the way here or on the way home
Where the H is Nipawin??
How to Register &
What do I get for registering?

First things first - here's what you get
- breakfast Saturday & Sunday morning
- barley fed steak for supper Sunday night
- t-shirt donated by Paso 1
- no charge for visiting, learning, a Mexico travelogue, people to listen to your lies, campfire to tell them around, etc, etc

What does it cost?
- $15 per person OR
- $40 per bus - - whichever is less

How do I pay?
- we'd like to have 1 person per coach registered before you arrive so we know how many to expect.  We'll worry about collecting the rest when you arrive.
- there's a PayPal link below - click it to pay

(non) Rally Registration